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NDM Engineering are an independent engineering company based in Aberdeen, UK, specialising in providing aero-derivative support to Gas Turbine operators.

What we do?

  • Overhaul Management
  • Test Witness & Inspection
  • Diagnostics & formal RCFA
  • Warranty claim defence
  • Water wash optimisation
  • Recognition & prevention of failures
  • Third party vendor management
  • OEM LTSA contract reviews

What our clients have noticed?

  • Reduced Overhauls & Optimised costs
  • Improved integrity & performance
  • Up to 80,000 hrs between overhauls
  • Increased understanding of failure modes
  • 100% track record against OEM warranty claims
  • More effective & reduced water washes
" We will always endeavour to provide our services on at least a cost neutral basis to your satisfaction and discretion - if they are not then our services will be provided at zero cost to you… "
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